Google Earth Download Available in Android Devices, iPhones and Desktops

Google Earth is free license software that gives you the chance to explore the Earth as well as outer space from the convenience of your home and from any device. By downloading the program, you can have access to street maps, satellite images of the moon and other galaxies as well as explore the ocean floor.

With the help of Google Earth search engine, you can find any location you are looking for via a GPS coordinates and address. Aside from 2D aerial images of street views, it also has 3D images of buildings and terrains. More importantly, for entrepreneurs, there is also Google Earth Pro which lets you compute distance and areas as well as print high resolution images for reports and presentations.

Downloading Google Earth

This free geobrowser can be download on your iPhone, Android device and PC and supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Downloading both Google Earth and Google Earth Pro for your desktop is free and you can directly download these from their website.

For Android devices, this software is free to download via Google Play Store. The current version is 8.0.5 and was last updated in November 2016. Aside from the existing features of the previous version, the update came with enhanced user interface, simplified layers panel with new Photos layer and some menu changes. To download, simply launch Play Store and type in the phrase “Google Earth” on the search bar. Next, choose the correct icon with Google as the developer and click it to go to the download window. Finally, click install to start the process.

Conversely, Google Earth for iPhones and iPads is available for free at the App Store in itunes. Downloading is the same as doing it with other apps onto your device.

However, if you are downloading Google Earth from a third party, take note that you will still be redirected to an external website so it’s safer to do so directly from the official website. And since both versions are now free, you might want to learn how to install Google Earth Pro instead to enjoy its features.

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