The next Sims 4 update will include Pets

Rumors about the next The Sims 4 update are just as strong as ever and they’re pointing towards what the next update will contain. The players from the Sims Community website have discovered coding in the game files which clearly states what the next major update will include.

The recent discovery confirms that the next update to the simulation game will be the popular Pets expansion. According to these new lines in the coding, the expansion will feature a “Create A Pet” section that allows players to customize their pets. The information that’s been discovered seems to only be in the early stages of development so it’s possible that EA will further develop the creation system and what the Pets update will contain/

This “Create A Pet” system allows players to customize their pets from a range of options. According to the lines of coding, players will be able to adjust the following options: ears, tails, fur ears, fur tail and the fur body. It’s uncertain exaclty what these options mean but it suggests that players can adjust ear shape and the fur coloring on them in addition to the tail shape and color.

It’s been confirmed that there will be “small” and “large” dog breeds in the game however, the exact breeds haven’t been confirmed. The lines of code also suggest that horses won’t be included in this update. There is no informaition relating to horses however, it’s possible that EA will include them at a later stage in the development of the expansion. Data has also been discovered which confirms that cats will be included in this expansion and will also be customizable.

This upcoming expansion still hasn’t been officially confirmed by EA. The company is expected to release information about the Pets expansion later this year.

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