PS4 vs Xbox One: Which One Is the Better Investment?

Both the original PS4 and Xbox One were released in 2013 but the comparison between them is endless. The battle even extended to the upgraded versions released in 2016: the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S. While there is no doubt that each of the consoles have great features to offer, which one provides the best value? Which one should one spend their money on?

PS4 definitely wipes the floor with game offerings, but is that reason enough to invest in it? It also doesn’t bode well for Xbox One that PS4 is invested in the future with virtual reality support, but the coming Project Scorpio promises that and more. That said, which console should you spend money on?

You should get an Xbox One if…

  • You prefer an all-in-one entertainment system. The Xbox One has an interface based on Windows 10, which brings different kinds of media into a single channel. The console is also equipped with several ports (an HDMI out for connecting console to TV, an HDMI for connecting cable TV box into console, USB ports, a Kinect port and an Ethernet port) which increases its entertainment value.
  • You want a console with Xbox 360 game backwards compatibility. You can pop in an Xbox 360 disc into the console and play it without any additional fuss. Yes, Sony may have PlayStation Now but that service is cloud based and not available for free. Although support for Now is ending in August 2017 for a lot of devices, the PS4 is not affected.
  • You like expandable storage. With two USB ports and ever-increasing external hard drive sizes, there are a lot of games and content you can play and interact with on the Xbox One. Yes, you can always use a screwdriver to manually change drives, but what could be more effective than a drive with a USB cable?

You should get a PS4 if…

  • You like an organized user interface. User-friendliness is a major draw no matter what kind of device you buy. It’s a rule to never frustrate your audience and Sony exceeds at that with the PS4. Then again, the updated Xbox One interface isn’t too shabby either.
  • You like stunning imagery. Sony will always have an edge over Microsoft when it comes to the quality of images shown on screen. That, and developers seem to want to release games with better resolution on the PS4. Cross-platform games are offered on the PS4 at 1080p/60fps while the Xbox One gets 900p/60fps.
  • You like the social aspect of gaming. Gaming is a community and Sony capitalized on that by offering Share Play. This is a feature that lets fellow PS4 owners play your games, play with you or watch you play.


The Xbox One is an attractive console given its capabilities: entertainment system and gaming console in one. However, the PS4 will always have a slight advantage for having a great selection of games even though you have to play old ones through a cloud.

  1. The next PS4 update 4.5 adds support for one external USB drive up to 8 gb. So scratch that one off the Xbone list. It also boosts frame rates for unlocked PS4 games.

  2. I cannot recommend any current console gaming system other than the SONY PS4 because of the hassle involved in the other competing consoles. Of course if you prefer a certain gaming experience or desire particular games to play then be ready to swallow hard the premium you may have to pay if the particular condition you require for gaming is not the best value situation. In life, there is propaganda and there is hard numbers. You choose what type of person you are so then I can determine whether it’s worth informing you about the actual numbers or not.

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