UC Browser Update Makes it 15% Faster

UC Browser is a good solution for anyone that is finding the usual choices a bit dull and wants to try something new. Keeping up with the likes of Google Chrome is no easy task, but UC Browser seems to be bringing its own perks to the table so that people are intrigued enough to give it a try. The browser’s developer, UCWeb, has stated that it is looking to improve the download speeds of the browser in the new update.

Now that the update has hit, it seems that the developer has been successful in its initiative of speeding up downloads through the client. Reports claim that users will find that their files will download up to 15% faster than before the update, while using WiFi or 3G network data. UCWeb has implemented new algorithms that allow the browser to better fetch data from source as well as more efficiently write that data back. Additionally, a big factor that contributes to the speed increase is the client’s multi-thread download which allows for files to be broken down into smaller pieces that are downloaded individually and simultaneously.

Those using web applications will see a significant increase in speed and performance there thanks to UC Browser’s new Web App Center. This allows users to integrate web apps right into the browser, making them easier to access and use all across the board. UC Browser also take a crack at image viewing online and is hoping to make it a lot easier and fun for people to go through a lot of pictures on the web with its new image viewing tool.

That being said, if UC Browser looked tempting before, now it’s even more so thanks to the greatly improved download speeds and sheer ease of access. It will be interesting to see what UCWeb comes up with in the next update.

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