WhatsApp Beta Update is Worth It Given These Advantages

When it comes to features, Facebook has made sure that WhatsApp users are treated with a fair amount of fresh content. Overall, the app is well balanced and users can definitely find themselves spending hours every day on the popular instant messaging app.

Some are happy with just using what they are given, until more stuff comes along. But there are also those that just cannot accept that as a part of their reality, and look to get more information about what’s coming to WhatsApp and all the new, upcoming features play out.

In this article we will explore the various reasons for which using the WhatsApp beta client is great, and you can have a good time with just a small catch.

Get the latest updates

By using the latest version of WhatsApp beta, you can get the latest features that the developers have worked on. They will eventually come to the live version of the app, but who knows how much that will take. Sometimes new features stay for months on beta before even being prepped for live deployment. You can start having fun with them as soon as they are implemented on the beta platform, by using the beta client instead of the regular one.

Stay ahead of your friends

If you and your friends have a competitive nature, you can easily get them to turn red by getting access to everything new WhatsApp before them. While they get bored with the current features on the app, you can tell them all about how you are using the latest feature to make your life easier or more interesting when it comes to messaging. Better than that, you can even show them.

Community recognition

Beta versions of applications usually come with quite a lot of bugs, hence the beta status. This might be seen by many as a deal breaker, but you can look at it as an opportunity to become a community hero. If you use the beta application and discover a bug, you can report it to WhatsApp. They won’t engrave your name in a gold plaque or anything, but you would go down as one of the people that helped make WhatsApp better, and that’s always great.

As mentioned earlier, the beta client usually comes with a lot of problems that justify its beta status in the first place. This is by no means something to just ignore. If you use the beta client, you will eventually and occasionally find yourself encountering a problem that wouldn’t have occurred on the live version. It depends on whether or not having to deal with pesky bugs and coding nuisances is something worth it, considering the advantages you gain.

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