Windows Insider Redstone 3 build 15042 Brings E-book Support and Cortana Changes

Since the Creators Update isn’t even out, it was expected that a build with features from the major patch coming after it won’t roll out for quite a while still. That’s not the case as Microsoft announced the availability of build 15042. Build 15042 is part of the next chapter in Microsoft’s line of updates, and follows up the Creators Update in what is believed to be the beginning of Redstone 3.

There are quite a few features that seem to be shaping up on Microsoft’s Windows Insider platform in regards to this new build. Some that stand out are the improved e-book reading feature and the different upgraded to Microsoft Edge. Cortana, the digital voice assistant has also got a couple of new animations to boast.


Microsoft is looking to make reading e-books a great experience for its users. To that end, it is implementing new features such as improved usability for the “read aloud” option which lets you have books read out loud. If users switch pages in the book while the current one is being read out loud, the reader will jump to the new passage that is presented in the new page.

Additionally, all settings configured for one book will carry out to any other book that will be loaded afterwards. This is more of a quality of life addition, just like the fact that e-book pertaining to EPUB files that are loaded into Microsoft Edge will have their tab represented by a book.

Smaller tweaks

Aside from the e-book stuff, Microsoft also added some rather small things to the build such as a couple of new animations for Cortana, and a fix for a reoccurring problem with Xbox controllers, where controllers  connected via Bluetooth during an upgrade would cause malfunctions with the touch input as well as strange sounds while using a mouse. Most likely, Microsoft will build on the minor Cortana additions in future builds for the successor to Creators Update, also codenamed Redstone 3.

Redstone 3 is still a long way from being released since Microsoft is still working on the Creators Update. This means that these new builds coming out are very prone to change.

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