Zelda Breath of the Wild Features

If there’s one thing that has to be said about Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it’s that the opening hours show truly a beauty and a variety that should be preserved. If the entire game goes along the same lines, you can even say that this is going to be the best Zelda game ever! This particular game is great because it’s a great achievement that offers unbelievable landscapes and with a minimum instruction it allows you to find your own footing as you advance.

Instead of wading through the prolonged tutorials, just like it was on the Skyward Sword game on Wii, now you get the chance to enjoy new tricks and to learn certain lessons by acting and exploring the surroundings. This is what you have to take into account when you make any decision. As such, you are constantly learning while you are preoccupied about surviving.

Among the features of the game, you will find that you don’t have to worry about being hungry or thirsty, but there are indeed some physical limitations. For example, if you go up a snowy mountain without having the proper equipment, you will freeze to death, just like in real life. If you want to cross a lake but you don’t have enough stamina, you might die halfway through.

At the same time, you have to worry about your enemies too. You also have to be careful about the gelatinous Chuchus or a Bokoblin warrior. Even so, there are some small encampments where you can find treasure chests. Unfortunately, they open only after you clear out the camp, so you will want to stay away from mobs.

The key here is to experiment and to learn new tactics, but at the same time you can’t forget to be active and focused when fighting.

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