What to Expect from the AVG Free Antivirus 2017

If you’re planning to download the AVG Free Antivirus, you’re in for a real treat since the company has beefed up the security features of its 2017 product. If you’re still undecided between AVG and another brand, read on to know why the former might be the right choice for you.

Updated features

AVG Free Antivirus 2017 now comes with a new tool called CyberCapture, which detects any unknown files in your computer and forwards it to the company’s lab. The files are then analyzed by Avast, which bought AVG in 2016 and is now the latter’s parent company. If Avast’s technicians decide that the file is a potential or existing threat, they put into quarantine to prevent it from infecting your computer or spreading to the other parts of your device.

Another excellent feature is Passive Mode. This allows two antivirus programs to be installed in your computer at the same time without resulting to conflict — a feat that was not possible before. Basically, if you install AVG Free Antivirus 2017 in a computer that already has an existing antivirus software, AVG’s product will automatically go into Passive Mode. It will no longer provide real-time protection to your computer, although it will still receive security patches and other types of updates and can still scan your device when you manually do so.

The AVG-Avast partnership

It seems that CyberCapture and Passive Mode seem to have stemmed from the partnership that grew when Avast acquired AVG last year. In fact, Avast CTO Ondrej Vlcek confirms that they bought the company not just to minimize competition but also have the data and firepower they needed to build better security tools. The strategy seems to have worked since they have been able to develop the security features mentioned above.

It’s important to note that CyberCapture and Passive Mode are also present in Avast’s Free Antivirus 2017. So, if you’re an Avast fan and want to have access to, these features, don’t worry since you can get them without having to switch brands.

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  1. Did AVG also beef up the constant popup spamming they do, trying to get people to purchase ALL of their products? That is the one and only reason why I have removed everything AVG related from any device I have control over.

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