Gmail Download Archived Emails via Takeout Service from Google

Gmail users must be aware that emails are stored in the Google Drive. However, if you think that you cannot trust any cloud storage service for that matter, then it should be safe to consider backing up all the important emails of yours. For this reason, you need to download a copy of your emails from Gmail. But, you don’t have to worry about that because Takeout service from Google would allow you to download your stored data in most Google products, which include Gmail, of course.

By using Takeout, you first need to access the Google Takeout website and you need to sign in with your account from Google. Thus, you can see all the Google services being supported, having a Green button beside them. Simply choose the Select None button on top to unselect the products from Google.

After that, you need to scroll down the Mail product and click on the gray button beside it. Then, click on Mail and opt for Select Labels from the options so that you can customize further what you desire to download.

Basically, you can select only 6 Gmail labels that should have all your emails, while all else would not be selected in the process. You may have to select the other data if you would want it on this page and just click Done afterwards.

You may have to select the Next button and choose File type and Delivery method on the following step. In the delivery procedure, you must be informed that you may send or archive the file to a cloud storage service or a download link through an email so that you can download the archives into your computer.

You should wait some time to create an archive and send it afterwards to you, which depends on the size of the data you have in your Gmail account. After downloading the archive, you should extract the zip file with the help of a built-in extractor from Windows or third-party archive software.

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