Hints About the Upcoming Minecraft Console 49 Update

Most Minecraft Console players are eagerly waiting for the Title Update 49 to be released. Unfortunately, Mojang and 4J Studios have not revealed when the update would be rolled out and what changes and/or fixes it would contain. Because of this, it’s not really surprising that several gamers have taken it upon themselves to guess what Title Update 49 will bring.

One of these gamers is YouTuber ibxtoycat who, on February 15, posted a video about the “first hint” that may have released about Title Update 49. This “hint” comes from Roger Carpenter, a video game producer under Microsoft Studios UK who is also the executive producer for Minecraft Console. Under the Twitter handle @PopsRamjet, he tweeted a picture of a flying squirrel on February 14 and tagged 4J Studios in it.

Carpenter did not explicitly state on his tweet that this was a hint for Minecraft. However, he’s known for posting updates that give people a sneak peak into upcoming developments for the game. Carpenter’s past hints were discussed by ibxtoycat in his video, including the screenshot of Developer Steve that Carpenter tweeted last December as well as the picture on empty glass tumbler (in reference to the Tumble mini game).

YouTuber Only1Gamer, meanwhile, focused on the things that gamers can expect to see in Title Update 49. He pointed out that most of the features that are in Minecraft PC but are not yet in Minecraft Console might be included in Title Update 49 — or at least in the other upcoming updates. Some of these features include Shulker Shells (which are used to create Purple Shulker Boxes) and Concrete Powder, which turn into Concrete when mixed with a block of Water.

Only1Gamer also noted that the update might come with a battle mode. It might also be simply a bug fix; if this is the case, Title Update 49 won’t be the major update that everyone is expecting.

All of these are interesting theories, but it’s important to note that they’re the opinions and analyses of gamers and have not been confirmed by Minecraft’s developer. The best thing to do is to wait for the official statement from Mojang and 4J Studios about Title Update 49.

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