The latest Clash Royale news and Goblin Gang

Supercell has done a great job recently and has been releasing a new card every two weeks. The latest card to be introduced to the game is the Goblin Gang which could be the biggest game changer ever seen in the history of Clash Royale.

The Goblin Gang is a rare card which is unlocked in the Jungle Arena and summons a group of Globin units. It spawns 3 Ordinary Goblins at the front and 3 Spear Goblins at the back of the group. It only costs 3 elixir to use and is considerably cheaper than summoning the Goblins individually.

The new card hasn’t been released yet but several reports about the upcoming card have been released. One report suggests that the new card will also allow the player to add another card to their deck. This is based on the fact that Goblin Gang os a combination of two seperate Goblin cards. While the new card is certainly powerful, it’s possible to kill the Gobling Gang using a variety of cards in the game.

The Goblin Gang was first announced last year by Supercell during a series of sneak-peaks. There is only one other card in the game which spawns 6 units per card and this new card if the 6th Goblin related card in the game.

Supercell has been releasing a new card every two weeks which has provided a range of new cards that provide a wide range of new playstyles. The new combinations of troops has made the game more unpredicatble and fun as a result.

The Goblin Gang card should be released very soon and the recent reports for the card suggest that this will be a very interesting addition to the game. Hopefully Supercell will announce a releae date for the card over the next week or so.

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