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Liberty City is coming to Grand Theft Auto 5

It’s been announced by Open IV that they’re looking to bring Liberty City to Grand Theft Auto. The project is spearheaded by software engineer Yuriy Krivouchko who is leading his team on this modding venture. Accorinding to him, he’s looking to avoid legal trouble with Rockstar and are hopeful that the developers will get involved with expanding the world of GTA V.

When talking with Red Bull Sports, Krivouchko stated that the team aren’t actually modders. The team works on tools for the modding community to use and so that they can create more content for the game. According to him, the team wants to create a Liberty City mode which would act as a base for other modders to create their own mods from. They want to treate this project as another modding tool as opposed to an actual mod.

Rockstar has yet to officially announce their support or deny the production of this mod. The large project is currently in development by a third party team who has plenty of experience creating modding tools which are used by users to create mods. The developer is expected to make several announcements soon relating to the third party project. It’s also thought that Rockstar will make their thoughts on the upcoming mod known soon.

Converting a whole map from one game to another is a large task but the team at Open IV are dedicated to the project. They’re slated the release date for sometime this Spring however an actual release date has not been confirmed yet.

The Liberty City mod should be released over the next few months if the team intend to meet their projected Spring release date. Due to the size of the project, it’s possible that the mod will be delayed slightly and receive a Summer release instead.

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