Surface Pro 5 Release Date and Rumors

There has not been a single announcement made by Microsoft regarding the release of the next Surface Pro. Thus, the Surface Pro 5 might not likely show itself up until the spring of 2017.

It can be recalled that Microsoft Corp released the Pro 4 in 2015 October. Thus, the next big thing would likely be released last October 2016. After the event that happened in October though, it was a no show.

The success of the Pro 4 though has given people a reason to think that there should be a proper sequel for this brand. Therefore, it can’t be denied that there are rumors surrounding this update, which has been around for a while.

According to the revelation made by Microsoft in October, there should be a major update to Windows 10 Creators Update, expected to happen in April. This update was rumored to go with an unspecified hardware family. So as the hardware has been tied to the Creators Update, the release will consist of the Surface Book 2, the Surface Phone, and Surface Pro 5.

Battery Life

At the same time, it can’t be denied that people would want to see a new device to respond to their needs. For instance people would want to use a device with longer battery life. This is because of the battery life of its predecessor, which has a low performance lasting only 5 hours and 15 minutes.

What people want to see is a battery life that would reach at least 7 hours, which would put the device closer to the MacBooks, including the iPad Pro.

Sharper or Bigger Screen

The sharp performance of the Surface Pro 4 has given way for fans to speculate what is coming up next. For this reason, they are not limited to wonder if the screen resolution would be released in 4K. Perhaps the size of 13.3 might be a great improvement to its current look.

Stylus and Dial

A new patent was also filed by Microsoft regarding the new Surface Pen loop. At the same time, a Surface Dial might be a possibility, as the designer focused on the accessories, including wearable devices, dial, and headsets, among others.

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