Google Chrome Interesting Update Includes Support for Touch Bar

Google Chrome already own 57% of the web browser market and they might expand even more. They have just released an interesting update for their software, which includes support for the Touch Bar used by Apple.

Towards the end of 2016, Apple released their new MacBook Pro with the device including the Touch Bar display, placed across the top of the keyboard. The bar is in fact a Retina display that can change its own appearance according to the apps you are currently using. For instance, if you’re writing a draft for a message in the Mail app, you will have the option of sending it to whoever you want simply by tapping on the bar. If you want to write a letter in the Pages app, the formatting options will appear automatically. Switch to Messages and you can use every emoji you want.

Even so, at the moment the Google Chrome browser is not supporting the Touch Bar. Technically, when you use the software, the screen goes blank. Thankfully, the update made by the company promises that in the future, the MacBook Pro users will see more features appear on their bar.

The Safari browser made by the Apple Company includes Touch Bar support and lets you access fast the web search feature, your favorites, plus it lets you switch instantly between the web pages you opened. For now it’s not clear whether the update for Chrome will also be available for the MacBook Pro, but since it is already under testing, we should definitely hope that it is going to be released soon.

Just a few days before announcing the update, Chrome announced that there is a new security threat going around. It seems that criminals might change the script for the web pages that have a poor security.

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