iPad Pro 2017 Update – New Price and Specs Revealed

People are now expecting a new iPad Pro model to be an intermediate solution between the standard size version and the largest screen one. It seems that the middle-way size is going to be 10.5 inches, as Rhoda Alexander, who works as Director Tablets and PCs at HIS Markit, has recently declared for Forbes. According to her, the new device should appear in the following weeks or months.

The best part about the new release from Apple is the fact that the device size is the same as the 9.7 inches iPad Pro, but it will have a smaller bezel that allows for a larger screen. This is great because the previous accessories can also be used for the new device, such as the Smart Keyboard. Alexander also said that the display resolution will be bigger, from 2024×1668 to 2048×1536 pixels. However, the PPI will remain the same.

Raymond Soneira, an expert in display and the president of DisplayMate Technologies, said in an email that the size of the upcoming device is just perfect, not too small and not too big. He also said that the aspect ratio will change, if the iPad will have a smaller bezel and it will keep the outer dimensions the same. As such, from a 1.33 aspect ratio, the value will increase to 1.50, and the screen will be 31% bigger.

The price for the “value” 9.7 inches model might come as low as $299, according to Alexander. This is less than the price for the iPad Air 2, which is $399. For now it is not clear what processors will run on the low-cost model, so we will have to wait a little more for this information. However, the new 10.5 inches device has no available information regarding the cost.

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