New iPad Pro Models and iPhone Goodies to be Available at MWC 2017

With all this commotion around the 2017 Mobile World Congress, there’s not much room for thought as far as event are concerned. However, those that don’t take a moment to evaluate other tech opportunities might be missing out on some real treats. As has been the custom for the last couple of years, Apple is set to organize a Spring event for this year as well. At this Spring event we might see some really cool things coming from the Mac creator, ranging from purely cosmetic enhancements to brand new devices. Let’s take a look at some of the things that are expected from this year’s event.

The iPad Pro

If we are to believe rumors, we might be getting a new lineup of iPad Pro devices as early as this March. The smallest variant will be the 7.9 inch version, while the biggest one will sport a 12.9 inch screen. In between, there will be a 9.7 inch and a 10.5 inch variant, with the latter possibly arriving only later in May.

The 128 GB iPhone SE

Apple’s initiative of bringing more variety to its smartphone offer has spawned devices such as the iPhone SE. This device is speculated to receive an upgrade in the memory department, which will take the form of a 128 GB storage capacity. It is unknown for now how much this new model will cost, but considering the nature of the device, the price tag should be more manageable than the upcoming iPhone 8 for example.

The Red iPhone

Many believe that this will be the occasion used by Apple to introduce a new color variant to its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus lineup, and that color seems to be red. Not a whole lot is known about this move, but many believe that the red iPhone 7 won’t cost anymore than any other variant of the device. It’s a purely cosmetic addition, as far as most can tell, but a welcomed one nonetheless.

The Apple Bands

Do you know what will go very well with whatever it is that you’re wearing on your wrist? An Apple Band.  In fact, there are rumors of an entire new collection of Apple Bands making their way to the market in the near future, with multiple colors and possible new design materials involved.

So there you have it, while Apple is waiting for the MWC excitement to tone down, it is also preparing its consumers a new batch of Apple products that could be more or less your thing.

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