Surface Pro 5 Rumors Lead to an Amazing Device with 4K Display

Microsoft has raked in a lot of profit and acclaim from tech enthusiasts with the launch of the Surface Pro 4 back in 2015, a tablet which perfectly replaced the need of having a notebook. The device powered by Windows 10 offered an amazing display as well as a processor provided by Intel. They have sold a lot of devices and achieved amazing success.

The giant tech and software manufacturer is likely going to release a successor the Surface Pro 4 at some point and this happening has been confirmed by a whole series of job openings listed by Microsoft on LinkedIn. They have kept the details of the upcoming Surface Pro 5 a well guarded secret but there are a whole lot of rumors and leaks regarding the future generation Surface Pro which aim at an astonishing device.

Release Date

A lot of tech enthusiasts foresaw the release of the new Surface Pro 5 back in October but that month has seen the launch of the Surface Studio and an upgrade to the Surface Book in terms of Performance Base.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the launch of Surface Pro 5 somewhere in the line of the updating of Windows 10 with Creators Update. People are expected to see the launch of Surface Pro 5 in the second quarter of this year.


The Surface Pro 4 is currently sporting Intel’s sixth-gen processor paired with an amazing 12.3 inch display. Surface Pro 5 on the other hand is expected to include the current generation of Intel’s Kaby Lake chips which will enable users to have access to a 4K display.

USB Type-C connection is also not going to be neglected as it will be paired with a DisplayPort as well as an SD card reader and an USB 3.0 port. Further speculations hint towards the option of including a brand new ARM processor taking into account that the updated Windows 10 will support ARM at a certain point.

Another amazing feature is that the guys from Microsoft have patented an active pen which supports wireless charging which will make some sense taking into account that it will have its own space within the device at the side of it.

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