Windows 10 Starts Blocking Installation Of Win32 Apps

According to reports, starting with Windows 10 build number 15042, Microsoft will allow you to block the installation of Win32 applications on their computers. It seems that this new feature will be available in all Windows 10 editions and it will come with a configuration option that will be available in the Windows 10 App & Features settings screen.

Win32 is also known as the Windows API and it is the core technology that was used to power the entire app ecosystem on the older Windows OS versions, until Windows 10.

Microsoft has introduced a replacement for the Win32 and it is called Universal Windows Platform (UWP). In other words, all the UWP applications will work across all modern Microsoft products, on smartphones or even desktop computers/laptops.

At the same time, the UWP applications are considered more secure, as they function in their own, self-contained security sandbox, which is preventing the applications from reaching core Windows functions.

Win32 Apps Are Unsecure

By blocking the Win32, applications will bring a plus of security in the Windows 10 OS. We remind you that “unsandboxed” Win32 apps are the main reason why a Windows 10 device could get infected with a malware or a virus.

In other words, this upcoming feature will be awesome especially for the inexperienced users that download random applications from the internet. You should know that having this feature enabled will only block you from installing Win32 apps, but won’t block the ability to run Win32 apps. In other words, you can just install safe Win32 apps and after that enable the blocking feature to keep your computer secure.

The Win32 installation blocking feature is expected to be released along with Windows 10 Creators Update. This update will most likely hit your Windows 10 computer sometime in April 2017.

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