Xbox One S vs. Xbox One – Microsoft’s Console Devices Put Head to Head

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There are a lot of factors which amount in terms of choosing the perfect gaming device and the guys from Microsoft sure know what they are dealing with as they have two amazing devices to choose from, namely the Xbox One and the Xbox One S.

The latter is more aimed at people who own 4K resolution TVs or those who are currently aiming at upgrading their current Xbox device to a more potent one. There are a lot of features and differences which should be taken into account and we are here to exemplify some of them and draw a conclusion on whether upgrading to the S version is viable or not.

Design Quality

The differences between both consoles are extremely obvious and one can see at a first glance the fact that their bodies are entirely different. Microsoft seems to have abandoned their black design of the Xbox One in favor of the white version of the Xbox One S.

Another noticeable difference between the two aforementioned devices is that the Xbox One S is forty per cent smaller than the current Xbox One and not only is it smaller but is more potent as well.  The Xbox One S is now able to stand vertically as well and that amounts to the device occupying less space wherever it is put.


The Xbox One S comes with some amazing new features that the latter does not include. The most important one is that it supports 4K Ultra HD as well as 4 K Blu-Ray video playbacks. That basically implied that people who own such devices are able to stream 4K content from providers such as Amazon or Netflix.

Xbox One S devices do not support 4K gaming like their top competitor Sony does with their PlayStation 4 Pro as it only upscales games to 4K resolution. Upscaling has been frowned upon multiple times but the results are amazing nonetheless.


The Xbox One S is a complete upgrade from the previous version and should be an option to be taken into account if one owns a 4K resolution TV. Not only does it have some boosts in terms of performance, is amazing in terms of device and is also capable of streaming 4K content but also judging by its amazing price, it is a deal not to be missed.

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