LG G6 is Looking to Impress Visually and Make Amends for the G5

LG has managed to get a large crowd curious about its newest flagship not by promoting the features that the device would have, but by having such a bad response to the previous model that now people want to see what the company brings out to make up for it. That being said, LG’s new G6 handset is here, courtesy of the long awaited MWC event.

As soon as you lay eyes on it, it’s easy to see that the G6 has no intention of repeating the mistakes of G5. One of the biggest problems with the G5 was the fact that it came with a sort of removable chin part, which could be replaced by the user with an accessory of choice. There was a grip intended to enhance camera usage, as well as an attachable speaker.

Fans didn’t respond too well to that idea, and the overall result was the fact that LG had a huge hole in its finances, left empty by uninterested consumers. G6 comes with a sleeker look that tries to emulate what many believe Apple’s iPhone 8 will look like. It features close to zero bezel and it manages to fit a huge 5.7 inch display in a small body. It’s been a noticeable trend lately to see large screens in small bodies, which only leave people wondering why manufacturers haven’t done this to begin with.

There is also a dual camera setup, which furthermore goes well with what people are into these days, and what manufacturers are looking to provide. LG G6 promises to undo all the wrong doings of G5, but it is yet unknown whether or not it will be able to do that. Even though it might look promising on the outside, it’s the kind of device that requires a solid couple of weeks of usage before a definitive sentence is passed.

It will be interesting to see how and if LG will be capable of pulling itself back after falling so hard with G5. With many people appreciating a premium appearance over cutting edge performance, LG might see more sales than it would in past years.

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