Minecraft Tricks That You Should Know for Further Expansion

Minecraft is constantly being updated by Mojang with new features and options. Today we will talk about five tricks that you should know about and use them while playing this popular game.

  • The Torches Can Be Used To Break Stacks Of Gravel And Sand

This trick is known by most of the gamers, but there are still many new Minecraft players that don’t know about it. So, if you need to clear a stack of Gravel or Sand, you will just need to take the bottom block and quickly replace it with a Torch. The rest of the stack will then collapse onto the torch and break apart.

  • Creating Temporary Air Pockets Underwater With Torches

There are many players who like to swim deep into the sea, but sometime they forget that their character also needs to breathe. Well, if you find yourself in this situation in Minecraft, you will just need to place a Torch, as the water will be temporarily displaced, allowing your character to get a quick breath in.

HINT: You will need to make sure that your character is against the torch when you place it for it to work.

  • Torches Can Hold Up Gravel And Sand

As you’ve seen above, you can use the Torch to destroy something, but guess what, you can also use it to build something. For example, if you place a block of gravel or sand on top of a wall-mounted torch, it will NOT fall or break. This trick is great if you want to have floating sections.

  • Using Ladders And Signs To Stop Lava And Water

Lava and water can be quite annoying, but now we have a trick that you can use to get it out from your way. By using a sign or ladder, you will be able to redirect lava or water.

  • Building Using Torches

It is good to know that you can build off the sides of torches instead of placing a new block. This means that you will be able to use fewer blocks (if you don’t have too many to waste).

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