Nokia 3 Comes With Premium Features and a Highly Competitive Price

Aside a couple of endeavors a couple years back, no one has heard the name Nokia around the mobile phone community for a very long time. While the iconic manufacturer has been absent for a very long period of time, the standards and expectations that come with a mobile device have drastically changed.

Now, Nokia returns with multiple new devices that look to find a place in the different sectors of the smartphone industry. Nokia even brought along a refreshed, 2017 version of its classic 3310 model , which surely made an impression at this year’s MWC (it’s too early to tell whether it’s a good one or bad one, or just sheer shock).

Among these devices, we have Nokia 3, a device that has no higher expectations of itself, and just looks to fill in a space in the market, alongside the other budget pones. This handset is intended for users that just want a quality build device which offers decent specifications for a low price tag. And when we say low price tag, we really mean it, as it is cheaper than some of the cheapest devices (worth taking into consideration) that you can get your hands on. Let’s take a look and see how the specs fair and if they’re worth what seems like a “Great deal”.

  • The display that comes with the device isn’t anything jaw-dropping, but it could easily be described as decent. It measures 5 inches and provides a 1280 x 720 resolution
  • Processing power comes from the device’s MediaTek chip, which is a 1.3 GHz quad core unit.
  • In the memory department, we have a base 16 GB that can be extended through a micro SD card, and 2 GB of RAM to round it up.
  • It also features a camera, which could be considered the entry level in terms of extra features. It has 8 MP on the rear lens, as well as another 8MP on the front lens. Neither lens manages to impress, but whenever you need a quick photo, you can take it.
  • A cool addition to an obviously cheap device is the fingerprint scanner.

The device is expected to drop sometime during the second quarter of 2017, for a minimal price of 139 EUR. That’s roughly 147 USD.

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