Nokia 3310 Is Back – What’s New and Handy?

One of the highlights of the Mobile World Congress event that took place in Barcelona was definitely the return of the Nokia 3310 model. However, some people were disappointed about the fact that this was the main attraction and no other new Nokia phones.

The initial Nokia 3310 was released in the beginning of the millennium, and its return is definitely the mark of a nostalgic attempt to win back people. As a matter of fact, this is not the first attempt of this kind, but it is part of a larger trend that revives successful products from the 1990s or 1980s. For example, the Nintendo Classic was highly anticipated, while Full House and Voltron are getting new episodes on Netflix.

And it seems that there is great interest in the revived product, since after the press conference HMD held, people waited in line to see the 3310 phones. This is a good strategy to make people interested in what you release, we have to admit. And definitely everybody will notice that Nokia is back with some great products.

However, there is a catch. Indeed it is a good idea to revive old products, but the dangerous path here is the fact that they may distract people’s attention from the current devices you’re working on. Despite this, many analysts see their move as a positive one that gives them the chance to better promote themselves in social media.

The new Nokia 3310 models are slightly different than the ones you knew before. They are wider, rounded and more colored. It costs $51.75 and it can support 22 hours talk time and a month (!) in standby, which is 10 times more than the initial capacity of the device back in the day. Moreover, it brings an update version for the beloved Snake game, together with the original ringtone.

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