Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 vs. iPad Pro – The Newest Tablet Battle

Samsung and Apple are two of the leading forces in mobile tech, and things have been that way for quite a long time now. That doesn’t change today, as Samsung unveiled its latest tablet offering, the Galaxy Tab S3. While it’s a great device on its own, and it brings a lot of premium characteristic to the table, people have failed to show restraint in comparing it to Apple’s iPad Pro, which is one of the most premium devices that cross people’s thoughts when debating the subject.

So it seems like once again, Samsung and Apple are at it again, brawling over market supremacy. While other times it might have been through smartphone flagship battles, this time around we’re talking tablets. There are some similarities between them such as the 9.7 inch screen size, or the glass front panel, but there are also a lot of differences which we’re going to go over here.

Picking up right where we left off with the front panel, it is worth noting that the back panel is different. Apple uses a curved metallic finish on its iPad Pro whereas Samsung went for an all-glass design, complementing the front panel with the back one. For this reason, the Samsung device feels lighter, but that’s either a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. It’s more portable this way, but it also loses some of the premium feel that Apple delivers without falter.

When it comes to utility, Samsung wins but only by a slight margin. Both devices are marketed as 2-in-1 hybrids which allow users to switch between tablet and laptop mode. However, neither include a keyboard in the standard deal, so if you want the full experience, you’re going to have to separately buy a keyboard and stylus pen in Apple’s case, and just a keyboard for Samsung. That’s because Samsung offers the S Pen in the box, which can be a very important factor when deciding between them, although it would be nicer to get the keyboard as well.

After you take all these details in, you still need to take software into consideration. The OS dictates how immersive the experience is going to be, and how comfortable or natural it will feel like to complete tasks on either gadget. If you have an Android phone, then you already know what to expect, as the Samsung tablet is literally just a scaled up version of that. Apps don’t feel that much part of an ecosystem, but rather detachable parts that are used on multiple devices. Apple on the other hand comes with a very well sawn together ecosystem that makes apps feel like they’re part of the OS, and make you feel like you’re interacting with the OS itself, not just the apps on it.

All in all, both devices have their pros and cons, and there are a lot of other variables that need to be taken into consideration when choosing one of the two. But if one thing’s for sure, it’s that both Samsung and Apple will be giving each other a run for their money.

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