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Sony Xperia XZ Premium, the Surprise of the Event at MWC 2017

Starting off a surprising day of Monday, Sony revealed perhaps the best smartphone at the Mobile World Congress event in 2017. Nobody really expected this device, especially since the competition is harsh: Samsung was out of the game since Galaxy S8 would be released later this year, leaving it all to Huawei, LG and Nokia.

However, Sony was cool about it and announced during their press conference that they are going to bring a new flagship device. We are talking about the first smartphone to have a 4K HDR display. At the same time, it will supposedly run on the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which we haven’t seen on any device yet.

Certainly, this device was a surprise for everybody. Regular users and critics might have expected some new accessories or phones, but not the Xperia XZ Premium. We don’t know yet if Sony kept it a secret on purpose until the event, in order to gain more interest, or if they had only recently finished working on it.

According to the company, the phone is set to be released towards the end of the spring. However, you can’t actually test it at the MWC, which might be a clue that they are not ready yet. A bad thing about the upcoming device is the fact that it is going to have some huge bezels, which is against the current trend this year. LG, for example, has really small bezels, and Samsung and Apple are also expected to follow this trend later on.

Besides the 4K HDR display and the Qualcomm chip, the Xperia XZ Premium is supposed to also have a revolutionary Motion Eye technology for the camera. This means that it’s the first Super slow motion feature available on a smartphone.

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