AT&T Unlimited Plus Data Gets New Deals and Features

In a time when internet accessibility makes life pretty difficult for mobile carriers, the top competitors in this market look to offer enticing deals. What every major mobile carrier is aiming for at the moment is convincing unlimited data plans. AT &T is no exception, offering its customers the possibility of getting an unlimited data plan. However, AT &T has very recently gone through some changes as far as this plan is concerned, so users that checked out the company’s offering last week might be a bit surprise if they return to check it now.

The new unlimited data plan from AT &T offers an unlimited line which will only set you back $90. Additionally, you can get a second line which will cost you $145. While that’s quite steep, requiring more lines gets easier as the following ones only cost $20. These are all monthly fees, not flat fees. The carrier also brings forth an extension of this deal to DirecTV and U-Verse TV users. Basically, if you’re using either video service and enroll for an unlimited data plan, you will get $25 off your monthly bill for that respective video service.

When it comes to mobile devices, users have the option of getting 10 GB of tethering. There are 10 GB available for every connected smartphone, but adding a new device costs another $20 per month.

If Unlimited Plus is a little too much for you, you might be interested in opting for Unlimited Choice, which is basically a cheaper version of the previous data plan. This includes the kind of things you might expect from a cheaper version, such as videos being gated at a maximum quality of 480p, and being unable to reach speeds higher than 3 Mbps. This second plan comes with $60 per month for the first line, while the next four are included in the price of $155.

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