GTA Online Stunt Races Brings New Names, Discounts and Improvements

Rockstar is back at it again as another update has arrived for the very successful GTA Online. The GTA 5 online continuation is having no trouble keeping its players happy and interested, as new updates roll out every so often. The latest addition to the collection is the new Stunt Race Event expansion, which brings a variety of stunt race oriented content to the game.

Players will now be able to engage in stunt races specifically created by Rockstar to test their skills and grit. There is a total of 15 new race tracks and each contributes to the experience in a major way. Rockstar gave each of the new stunt races a new name, which suites the overall theme of the race. They are as follows:

  • Green Machine;
  • In The City;
  • Raton;
  • Around The Docks;
  • Pier Race;
  • Big Drop;
  • Trench III;
  • Spinner;
  • 45° ;
  • Mountain Drop;
  • Gauntlet;
  • Plummet II;
  • Big M;
  • Lift Off;
  • Wall Climb.

Bonuses are also coming to the event. If you’re into cars, tattoos and clothes and warehouses, you can get a lot of them with a 25% discount while the event is rolling. The items eligible for the discount are:

  • Annis RE-7B;
  • Stung Clothing;
  • Vapid Desert Raid;
  • Lampadati Tropos Rallye;
  • Liveries;
  • Obey Omnis;
  • Emperor ETR1;
  • Vapid Trophy Truck;
  • Stunt Tattoos.

Until the 6th of March, players can engage in the challenging premium race Pier Race. Starting with the 7th they can test their skills with In The City, a premium race that will keep going until the 13th of March. These two require Super class and Sports class cars respectively.

There will also be time trials available. The first one is Up-n-Atom and will last until the 5th of March. The next day, players get to try Maze Bank Arena, until the 12th of March.

This is just one of many events and mini-expansions that Rockstar has released over the past months, each bringing something new and unique to the table, further enhancing the game.

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