Google Earth Tips to Measure Long Distances

Google Earth is a popular application that’s used by many people all over the world. Today we will give you some tips and tricks, which can be used on Google Earth App.

  • Traveling Through Time

Not many know, but Google Earth comes with a feature that allows you to view images of the world at different times. When you are looking at a particular location, you might see a date at the bottom-left of the screen such as “1954”. If you put your mouse over the date it will say “Click to see historical imagery from 1954.”, and by doing that you will be able to drag the slider between the historical date and present day.

  • Measuring Long Distances

Google Earth comes with a ruler tool that allows you to measure long distances. This will surely please many users, who want to see the length of Grand Canyon for example.

  • Using Layers

Google Earth comes with many layers, which allows you to see the city lights from NASA (pictured), view live weather systems, find world heritage sites, discover shipwrecks and many more.

  • Using Flight Simulator

The Flight Simulator feature that Google Earth comes with allows you to take off from any airport all over the world and survey the world from the sky. To access this feature, click on “Tools” in the toolbar and select “Enter Flight Simulator.” After that, you will need to pick an aircraft of choice and start flying around.

  • Exploring Space

Well, by using Google Earth you will also be able to explore constellations, the terrain of Mars and Moon. To do this, just click the planet icon in the menu at the top and choose among Mars, Moon or Sky.

Google Earth comes with many features and options and we suggest everyone to try it out. It seems that the developers will keep on improving this application, which means that sometime in the near future we might even see some new options and features that we don’t even think of.

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