WhatsApp Update Comes With a New Feature and Bug Fixes

WhatsApp has received a new update last week, which has brought a new option, which seems to be a sort of Snapchat story-like feature. Today we will talk a bit about the new feature and teach you how you can use it. You should know that this feature allows you to update your status using GIFs, pictures and even videos.

WhatsApp Overhauled Status Feature: How To use

After updating the application to the latest version, you will notice a “Status” tab on the top bar. Firstly you will notice your own updates in that specific bar and below you will be able to see your friends’ updates and viewed updates.

To add a status update on WhatsApp you will need to tap on the new update button that’s located on the bottom right corner, which opens the camera. Once the camera app opens, you will be able to take a photo, make a video or even select one from the list. As we’ve told you above, you can also use a GIF on your WhatsApp Status update.

Once you add a photo/video/GIF on your Status update, you will be able to post it. You can also view how many people have viewed your Status, an option that’s also available on Instagram. You can also forward the status or even manually delete it if you want to.

When you view your friends’ status update, you will be able to swipe up and reply to them, which is another option that’s available on Instagram.

The WhatsApp Status update comes with privacy settings, allowing you to have control on who can see your status update. You can access the privacy settings by tapping on the three-dot menu on the top right and select “Status Privacy”.

HINT: We remind you that all the WhatsApp Status updates are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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