Xbox Two to be Conditioned by a Legendary Game Release

The console war rages on even if the waters seem to have settled for the moment. Ever since Microsoft challenged Sony’s supremacy with the release of their Xbox console, there has always been a sort of cycle involving the calm before the storm and then the titanic clash. Regardless of which side won, the battle would live on, and today we are seeing multiple iterations of the same consoles, all trying to become king of the hill.

At first, there was the simple Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 duel. After a different start for the two in the market, we’ve seen Sony come out with PS 4 Pro and PS 4 VR, while Microsoft betted on Xbox One S. Later this year we are going to see Xbox Project Scorpio, which is believed to top Sony’s latest efforts through the addition of support for VR and 4K graphics.

Many are wondering what is the direction that this fight is going to take, and if the next chapter will involve an Xbox Two console at any point. It is highly questionable whether or not Microsoft is contemplating on releasing an Xbox Two, given the philosophies that are currently dominating Microsoft’s gaming products.

It would be hard to tell where this potential Xbox Two console would sit at the gaming table, and what it would bring to it that would justify it being called Two (which would mean a direct sequel to Xbox One) and not just Project S Plus Delta or something. If we’ve learn anything from the release of previous consoles such as Xbox 360, PS4 or even the original Xbox, console have the best debuts when accompanied by a killer gaming title.

Games appear over time but having that one iconic game ready to go, standing tall as a promise of pure entertainment for anyone willing to take a risk with the new kid on the block,  that is no doubt a sound strategy in assuring a console’s success. We might see Microsoft rolling with the Xbox Two initiative once a big enough game is announced.

Sure, one might argue that there have been plenty of titles released, meaning plenty of opportunities. But those that recall the groundbreaking success of Halo recognize what kind of game is needed for such an occasion.

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