Clash of Clans Defensive Tricks and Tips

Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy game that has been developed Supercell for iOS and Android OS. If you are new to Clash of Clans, then there are high chances that there are many random players that are attacking your village every now and then.

Today we will tell you about some tricks that you can use to make your village attacked less often. So, if you are new to Clash of Clans, you’ve come to the right place, because thanks to these tricks, you will make sure that you have a good start in this game.

Is Your Village A Tempting Target?

The best way to not get attacked is to make sure that you create a pretty good defensive on your village. This way, the attacker will think that he will have to waste too much troops to get resources from you.

Large Amounts Of Loot Is A Nono

The main reason why someone is attacking a village is because of the resources it has. This is the reason why we suggest you to constantly use the resources before you close the game. Once you close the game, the enemies can start attacking your village and it is better to not give them reasons to do this.

Easily Accessible Loot

Never leave your loot outside the walls or somewhere near the walls. We suggest you to put the resources buildings in the middle of the village so that they will be the last buildings to get attacked.

Making Your Base Look Difficult To Attack

We suggest you to upgrade your walls to the highest level as you can, as the higher the level is, the more difficult it looks for the players at your trophy level. We suggest you to NOT rush on upgrading the Town Hall, as this will allow better players to attack your village.

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