Gmail to Receive Attachment Size up to 50 MB

A pretty important update has been recently pushed out, which concerns people using Google’s popular Gmail email service. That means that it concerns pretty much everyone. The update consists of users now being able to receive up to 50 MB in attachments from incoming emails. While that might be great, the size limit of attachments you can send out remains 25 MB. What that means is that every email you send has a 25 MB cap on it. It calculates with size in total and not per file. Otherwise, it would have been easily exploited by sending multiple files of 25 MB or less in a single email.

The problem with the update is the fact that, despite this increase, people still aren’t looking at a very efficient way of sharing large data. Google’s Google Drive cloud storage service is a much more adequate solution for this kind of problem.

Google itself suggests that users take their large file to the cloud service, which is a very effective tool of communication between multiple devices. Where this update does shine however, is receiving large presentation-style emails that contain PowerPoint files for example. Having the ability of receiving emails with attachments that have up to 50 MB in size is a big deal because these types of files can get really big really fast. It is still doubtful that people will hit the cap before loading all the necessary attachments into one email message.

All in all, something was gained and nothing was subtracted so at the end of the day, it all works out in the Gmail users’ favor as they gain more room for their attachments for no cost. This a bit of good news that goes in contrast with other recent Gmail news regarding massive phishing attacks taking place through the platform, scamming users to offer up their personal information through a fake login.

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