Google Pixel XL vs. LG G6 – Best Specs and Features Comparison

The Mobile World Congress has brought us many treats from all the big tech manufacturers in the world. One of the most anticipated devices was the LG flagship, G6. Anxious to see how the company would try to bounce back from the rough year they had last year, fans awaited the LG G6 announcement at the event in Barcelona. Since the G5 was such a flop financially, many were curious to see what LG would bring in the G6 to make up for it. Now that we know what the G6 will feature, many are wondering how that translates in the real world and if the new LG handset can stand its ground against other premium smartphones. Looking to answer this question, today we’re going to look at how G6 manages against a device such as Google’s Pixel XL. At the very least, this should give you an idea of what to expect from LG’s latest offering.


Since the Pixel XL is a Google phone, there’s no point in trying to compete. It comes with a copy of the developer’s Android 7.1 Nougat operating system, leaving LG’s new flagship behind. That being said, G6 buyers still get Android 7.0 Nougat out the box, which is very good.


Google Pixel XL comes with a large 5.5 inch display that uses a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440. This makes it enjoyable to look at, and gives any competitor a hard time.

In the other corner, we have the LG G6 display which is a quad HD 5.7 inch screen. The max resolution it offer is 2880 x 1440.


Google Pixel XL uses a 2.1 GHz clocked processor which is branded Snapdragon 821. The unit  is coupled with 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity between 32 and 128 GB. There’s no microSD card slot available here. The G6 has a slightly better processor in the form of a 2.35 GHz Snapdragon 821. It also comes with 4 GB of RAM and only 64 GB as the maximum storage variant. However, it does offer support for microSD cards which allows the device to hold up to 2 TB of storage. When it comes to the battery, the Pixel XL wins marginally as its 3450 mAh unit tops the 3300 mAh battery of its opponent.


Taking photos with your smartphone is definitely an important aspect of owning a smart device today. LG takes this into consideration as it puts a 13 MP shooter on the back of its device, with a complementary 5 MP camera on the front side. This doesn’t line up with the 12.3 MP rear camera of the Pixel XL and its 8 MP front shooter.

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