Google Urges Users to Update Chrome after Gmail Phishing Attacks

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Security is one of the top concerns when it comes to browsing the internet and the tools we use to achieve this task. Google has leading services in internet browsing and internet based task completion, therefore a lot of people put their trust in the Android developer to provide a secure network of apps and products that will guarantee their safety.

That being said, unfortunate events bring us news about a phishing scam that took place on Google’s on Gmail platform for emailing. It would seem that a group of attackers are trying to use the popular email service to scam people into giving away their personal information through a fake login screen.

For this reason, Google came out with a critical security fix for its products, which would prevent such a thing from happening. Users are warned about the dangers of navigating the internet without the latest security updates installed, and the risks they are committing themselves to by doing so.

It is considered that browsing without the latest update is still a major risk even though the attacks might have toned down since their initial launch. Many might not know if they have the latest version of Google Chrome, so if you’re in that situation, it’s OK. It’s really easy to tell whether or not you have the latest Google Chrome version, and if not, to update it. Simply navigate to the top of your Chrome window and hit the three dots that will open up a menu. Once that’s done, go to the More option found at the end of the list.

Access it so you can find out whether or not you have the latest version of Chrome. If the latest version is installed, there’s nothing there to see. But if it’s not, you will be prompted with the option of downloading the latest Google Chrome version. This is convenient and stress free, and keeps you safe against recent and future cyber-threats.