Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Not Be Released This Month

Some previous rumors were suggesting that the “Kingdom Hearts 3” game will be released this month, but it seems that Square Enix has already confirmed that the title will not come in March, as many fans have expected.

It seems that the developers are still working very hard on this title and it will take some time until any footage from the game will be shown to the gamers.

Gemtasu website has translated what Tetsuya Nomura, the director of “Kingdom Hearts 3”, said. It seems that Nomura claims that the development process is quite different from what they’ve done so far.

In the same interview, Nomura said that the fans will see a bit more of “Kingdom Hearts 3” later this year. In other words, there are chances that the developers will present us a new title that they are working on. The game director has promised that this year, the company will show the progress at an event somewhere. Unfortunately, he didn’t give more information when this will happen and at what event.

We remind you that last year, there was not much information regarding the “Kingdom Hearts 3”, as Square Enix was focusing on its title that was on the horizon. This is the reason why the focus was “Final Fantasy 15” last year.

At the same time, the developers didn’t want the highly-anticipated title to take away the spotlight from the complication game, “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.”

However, from now on, Square Enix is working very hard on “Kingdom Hearts 3” in order to release it for the fans as soon as possible. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, this title will not be released this year.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 3”? Do you think that this game will be released until the end of 2017?

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