Microsoft Creators Program to Speed up Game Development

The Game Developers Conference is pushing out interesting news coming from multiple speakers.  Microsoft used this opportunity to educate the world about their new Xbox Live Creators Program. This is a program that Microsoft will be using to give developers more access to its Xbox Live platform.

Basically, developers will be able to establish a better presence in the Xbox community by having a direct channel of communication with all the Xbox owners across the world. There are a lot of features used by the Xbox Live platform which are not always as easy to implement into games, but this new program would help developers bring things like social features, Xbox Live sign-in, online leaderboards or even streaming capabilities to their games in a timely manner that wouldn’t munch down on all the development resources.

This would help them spread the image and message of their new games not only to all the Xbox users, but also to the PC users that are rocking with Windows 10. According to Microsoft, this new program will be available across all iterations of Microsoft’s products. So if you have a regular Xbox One or the new (currently unreleased) Project Scorpio, you could still have access to it nonetheless.

This whole thing can ultimately translate to a plethora of new games making their way to the Xbox Store as well as the Windows 10 Store, giving gamers a lot of things to check out in a fairly short period of time. However, that would be the case if the Creators Program would go public. Currently, the Windows developer is only allowing a few developers to try out this new tool/feature. It is unknown when Microsoft will make it so all developers can freely access this tool, which has its SDK available on Microsoft’s website already. The tech giant says that this will happen in the near future.

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