Nokia 3 and Nokia 6 Aim at Build and Experience Quality over Raw Specs

Nokia’s new offerings have made an impression in the first day of the MWC event. With every major tech name in Barcelona, the veteran brand has revealed four new devices that will be representing it in 2017. These were devices that looked to serve a specific price range, but the people behind the phones say that the price isn’t the only factor driving these handsets.

According to the company that holds the rights for the Nokia brand, these devices were made to offer a great build quality and also give off a good quality vibe. That being said, they are still priced relatively low down the ladder although HMD’s Chief Product Manager states that the devices are market competitive in terms of specifications for each individual price range. Nokia 3 is the cheapest device presented, while Nokia 6 and Nokia 6 Arte Black bring more high quality features to the table. Nokia 5 is the fine line between the other two variants whereas Nokia 3310 is a soul project that resurrects the classic device of old.

One of the problems that attendants at the event had with the new Nokia phones is that they seemed to have less RAM power than would have been optimal. This led to questions regarding the possibility of seeing some upgraded models coming out in the near future, similar to how manufacturers release phone models with upgraded specs for the Indian market. This trend might also land on HMD’s doorstep, although nothing is confirmed at this point. On the bright side, nothing is denied either.

It seems that Nokia’s approach is to provide devices that people will appreciate and consider helpful and of superior quality rather than jam all a phone’s value into the internal specifications. Most users will like a powerful hardware force driving their devices, but the new Nokia range, especially the two Nokia 6 models, seem to offer everything a regular user would require in day by day activities. The main kicker for Nokia’s new phones is of course the price. Each device comes with a toned down price tag from what we usually see in the market nowadays with all the flagships.

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