Porsche Design Awes the Tech World at MWC With 2-in-1 Windows 10 Laptop

Porsche Design

The Mobile World Congress saw some amazing new devices and prototypes and the guys from Porsche Design in conjunction with Huawei launched an amazing 2-in-1 laptop which is called the Book One which was specifically designed to compete with Microsoft’s popular Surface Book series.

The Book One comes at a huge price of $2i495 but judging by its amazing design and features, it sure is worth that hefty amount of money. Porsche Design Book One is scheduled to hit the shelves somewhere in April and we can only wait in anticipation of this amazing piece of tech.

Porsche Design Book One will come with Windows 10 pre-installed and features an amazing 13.3 inch QHD screen which has a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. The screen can be rotated 360 degrees and can be detached in order for it to enter the tablet mode and is powered by Intel’s Core i7-7500U chip.

The amazing device will come equipped with 16 GB of RAM as well as 512 GB of SSD storage space. The 2-in-1 hybrid features a 5 megapixel front facing camera which also has an infrared sensor in order for people to unlock their devices with their eyes.

There are a lot of similarities between this device and Microsoft’s Surface book judging by the fact it features the same facial recognition software as well as Cortana and Windows Hello. The 2-in-1 device also comes equipped with a stylus pen which can be docked in the right side of the device and is amazingly optimized in the sense that it can be used with Windows Ink.

One of the main differences which set the Book One apart from the Surface Book is its hinge which can detach and rotate 360 degrees. The Surface Book can only be docked and undocked from its power source. Coming at a slightly bigger price, the Book One is built out of milled aluminum and is specifically aimed for the premium sector of the market.

Judging by its amazing specs and sleek design, it will sure be a great choice in terms of hybrid devices and will give Microsoft a run for their money unless they come up with something better.

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