Adobe Flash Player New Security Update with Vulnerability Fixes

Those worried about the security vulnerabilities found within Microsoft’s Windows can finally rest, as the company has released a patch that solves the security loophole. For those that aren’t up to speed with the recent security problems detected with the Windows operating system, it would seem that code execution vulnerability was causing quite a bit of commotion amongst the Windows user community. The vulnerability had to do with the now infamously problematic Adobe Flash Player.

Interestingly enough, Adobe itself addressed the issue and had already provided a solution. It was on the 14th of February that Adobe came out with a patch that took care of the security problem. Now users have access to both the MS17-005 Security Update for Adobe Flash Player, as provided by Microsoft and the APSB 17-04 update from Adobe.

Those thinking that this is just some minor, technical mishap and that it couldn’t impact them, are wrong. This particular vulnerability has been deemed critical due to the kind of power it could grant attackers. According to security specialists, this vulnerability could allow attackers to take control of the infected machine in the sense that they could send out remote commands.

The way that would work would be through specially designed websites that would contain specific scripts. Once a vulnerable system would visit that specific website, said website could be able to deploy malware into the system and thus infect it.

Since it’s a pretty serious matter, everyone that’s using Windows is advised to not waste any time when it comes to downloading and applying these updates. Getting infected only takes a matter of moments, and it’s much easier to prevent an infection than it is to get rid of it. This is just one in  a long list of security issues presented by Adobe Flash Player over the years, many deeming it ancient technology that is no longer fit against today’s threats.

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