GTA DLC Cunning Stunts – Special Vehicle Circuit Coming Soon

Rockstar has been treating its GTA Online players with numerous offerings as of late, but none of them live up to the title of a full-on DLC. Not to say that the new content coming with the occasion of various real life events isn’t enjoyable or appreciated, but a lot of fans would love something more palpable from a theme perspective. Fans are about to get just that, with the new incoming DLC Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit.

Since the launch of GTA Online, players have been able to see two reoccurring themes when it comes to additional content released by Rockstar. One of the themes often approached by the company has to do with stunt car races, while the other one focuses on business and building a financial empire. Both these themes will continue to be explored in the following updates coming to the game, but it also seems that Rockstar is finally ready to release a brand new, full-size DLC.

There are some that believe that Rockstar will be announcing or releasing the new DLC on the 14th of March due to the fact that this is when the current ongoing event ends. The current event is based around stunt races are gives players a bunch of new tracks to compete on. Also, the update would be on a Tuesday this way, meaning that it would respect the release “tradition” that Rockstar has established, of releasing new DLC’s on a Tuesday.

The new Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit DLC will be a sort of follow up to the last DLC, which was Import/Export. We call it a follow up because in this one, players are required to use one of the three special vehicles introduced in Import/ Export, and compete with them in special stunt races. These races are special because players will need to use unconventional means of winning such as using a jet engine, swapping between land and water, or use gadgets. The three cars which the tracks are designed for are the Rocket Voltic, Runner 2000 and Blaxer Aqua.

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