HTC Vive Becomes Even More Impressive With a New Set of Accessories

HTC is looking to change the Virtual Reality world for the better as it is always willing to bring some amazing experimentation to the table in such a way that they have added new hardware to play with after the release of their popular HTC Vive. They have announced a brand new Deluxe Audio Strap and the Tracker way back this year at the Consumer Electronics Show and are going to bring even more amazing accessories to the table.

The Deluxe Audio Strap comes with some amazing built-in headphones which renders sound at an amazing quality whilst being immersed on virtual reality. There is less weight to deal with when having an extra pair of headphones and even attached more padding to the device thus making it more comfortable.

Vive in conjunction with HTC also launched a tracker in a demo version and it greatly helps in terms of making sure that the subject immersed into VR is always tracked accordingly in terms of making sure that the images projected into the VR headset are going to be more immersive and seem way real than they were before. It can also be built into custom peripherals in order for us to be more precise when playing games such as shooters which require pinpoint accuracy, dexterity as well as precision.

The guys from HTC also came up with a gun which is actually heavy in terms of weight thus mimicking the feel of an actual rifle. Not only will people feel the way in which a virtual reality game would feel in real life but they will also make sure to experience one of their multiple characteristics and abilities which are performed within the game more precisely.

There are a whole lot of accessories which will soon hit the virtual reality market and some of them greatly enhance the way in which we are immersed within the VR in such a way that once one has spent a couple of seconds within a game or app, he or she will feel completely immersed into that experience.

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