Microsoft’s UUP to Cut Down Update Download Times Dramatically

Every time Microsoft releases a new update, users are excited to see what types of new features are made available and what they can now do that wasn’t possible before. But with very update there also comes a slight sense of dread, especially for those using a slower internet connection. This is because the more features and goodies an update brings, the larger it will be. In consequence, it will take a lot longer for it to download. That will change in the near feature thanks to one of Microsoft’s handy innovations.

Users on the Windows Insider program will recognize the Universal Update Platform as it has been used to roll out new builds ever since November. That being said, regular users can rejoice as the feature will be coming to all Microsoft updates once the Creators Update hits live.

Analytics show a massive improvement in download speeds thanks to UUP, mainly because of one crucial element: Differential Download Packages. What does this mean? It’s very simple. Until now, when a new update was available, the computer would download the entire build, meaning that on top of the new things. It would also re-download what was also in the currently used build. This meant a lot of time and space allocated to things that users were already in possession of.

Microsoft has now made it so computers will only download the missing bits, a.k.a the new features or functionalities, or changes made to the operating system. This will drastically reduce the time it takes for an update to download and will make “unwrapping the present” that much more enjoyable.

Sources say that users will see around a 35% decrease in download sizes, thanks to switching over to the Universal Update Platform. Windows Insider users will also be getting value out of this, as Insider builds tend to be smaller anyways. Now, they could even shrink below the 1 GB mark, making the update process extremely fast and efficient.

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