Minecraft and Fallout 4 New Maps Information

It seems that the Minecraft and Fallout universes are intertwining once more through a battle maps pack. The battle maps pack presents a couple of locations from the post-apocalyptic franchise which you can now purchase. It lets you access 3 new locations that can be the ideal proving grounds, if you are a brave player.

The developers posted more on the game’s official website, and gave the public some more details about the new battle maps.

  • The first battle map is called General Atomics Galleria, which is a location that may be familiar to whoever played Fallout 4 recently. However, the Minecraft version of this map is different, since it won’t require you to complete several tasks before you can enjoy the location. Even so, be careful when playing here, since there are still some traps you have to watch out for.
  • The second Fallout battle map in the pack is not a similar recreation of the settings that have been seen in the game, but it is one that combines various elements from several locations in Fallout. As such, if you’re a long-time fan of the open world RPG series, you may find some familiar places around.
  • Libertalia is another map that has been previously featured in Fallout. Similar to the original version, players might find it confusing with the entire pathways network. Moreover, the Minecraft players have to be careful with their opponents, so keep your guard up!

If you liked the description of the maps and would like to buy the pack, you have to know that it’s available for sale at the price of $2.99. We will find out more information about the other additions developers plan to bring to the Console Edition of Minecraft soon.

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