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Moto G5 Plus vs. OnePlus 3T – Premium Smartphones at an Affordable Price

Both devices are one of the best choices to opt for when one desires premium performance and build quality as well as aspect which are to be found at a mid-range market price despite their capabilities and amazing hardware. There are a lot of players in the premium sector but both the Moto G5 Plus and OnePlus 3T are serious options to take into account when it comes for the best bang for one’s buck.

Comparing both devices, there are a few key differences but none of them make a clear statement that a phone should be chosen over the other as it only comes down to a matter of preference regarding which handset should be chosen in favor of the other.


Both handsets are similar in size as the OnePlus 3T is just two percent taller than Moto’s G5 Plus handset. Weight wise, Moto G5 Plus weighs 155 grams whilst its direct competitor is only three grams heavier, which will make no difference when held in one’s hand.

The Moto G5 Plus is a premiere for the guys at Lenovo as it is their first Moto G flagship which has an aluminum back panel in order to give it a higher-end look. There is still some plastic built into the device but the amount is next to absent. The OnePlus 3T on the other hand is entirely made out of aluminum which gives it a sleek appearance. Their displays are somehow similar as the Moto has a 5.2 inch panel and OnePlus 3T has a 5.5 inch screen.


One of the most major differences between both handsets is their respective specs. The OnePlus 3T packs a more potent Snapdragon 821 chip paired with 6GB of RAM whilst the Moto G5 Plus comes equipped with a less potent Snapdragon 625 chip paired with 4GB of RAM.

Storage space wise, the Moto G5 Plus offers two variants, that of 32GB and 64GB whilst the OnePlus 3T offers 64 and 128GB of internal storage, both being expandable. Camera wise, there are some differences as the OnePlus 3T comes with two 16MP sensors on both sides whilst the Moto G5 Plus has a 12MP back snapper paired with a 5MP frontal sensor.

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