Windows Phone Users Split in Two Groups as WhatsApp Prepares New Update

WhatsApp is a very popular application across all platforms, but soon it might not be available on all of them anymore.  While the application makes it very easy to communicate with people and instantly share text or photo and video content, it also puts a strain on devices that are too old to handle it.

This brings us to the Windows Phone situation that is currently being discussed in WhatsApp circles. In the past, WhatsApp had announced that it was planning on removing support for Windows Phones that use Windows 7 due to the platform not being able to carry out the workload imposed by the newest and most demanding features and updates from WhatsApp. Reasoning that WhatsApp would discontinue Windows 7 devices from the list of eligible WhatsApp users due to lack of compatible specifications, it would seem that a portion of the Windows Phone community will have a tough decision to make.

In the near future, they will be faced with either giving up WhatsApp, or upgrading to a newer device. It’s not all bad for Windows Phone users, as recent leaks show screenshots of new features that will be coming to devices running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The screenshots showcase new information display option within WhatsApp, such as seeing the total number of shared files, or the total amount of memory consumed by each individual chat window.

While the screenshots confirmed that these implementations would be taking effect on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices, it is yet confirmed if they will also be making their way to Android and iOS. Considering that the latter two are the biggest mobile platforms around, it would be highly unlikely for the answer to be no.

This update would come after the launch of another update called Status, which integrates social media and expands the approach on instant messaging to encompass a broader concept.

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