Google Chrome Hidden Features to Experience More

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there and today we’re going to tell you about some hidden features that you might not know of.

Incognito Mode

When you will use “Incognito Mode”, the application will not keep track of browsing history and it will also not store any cookies while you are surfing the internet. This is awesome especially when you browse from a computer located in an internet café. To open a new Google Chrome window with “Incognito Mode” activated use CTRL+SHIFT+N.

Dragging Multiple Tabs At Once

Most people are quite familiar with the ability to drag and drop Chrome tabs into their own browser windows or even mix and match them between browser windows. However, it seems that this can also be done with more than one tab at a time. You will just need to hold down the CTRL key and click on all the tabs that you want to move (if you are on Mac, you will need to hold the “COMMAND” key).

Dragging An URL To The Bookmarks Bar

If you find a website that you will want to access with ease in the future, you can quickly add it to the “Bookmarks Bar” by highlighting the URL and dragging it down to the Bar. We have to mention that you can also drag an URL in from other sources other than Chrome.

Creating A Profile For Your Kid

The internet is full with things that kids should not see and this is the reason why you should never leave Google Chrome without supervision. Google Chrome is offering you the possibility to setup a separate profile for your kid, which you will be able to monitor and control.

In order to create a new profile, head to Settings->People->Add Person, but make sure that you select “Control and view the websites this person visits from [your account name] and click “Add”.

In about 10 minutes, you will receive an email with a link leading you to the supervised user’s page, where you will be able to block certain websites and even view the user’s Web activities.

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