Google is Teaming Up their Apps In Order to Improve Work Productivity

Google are famous for running two word processing apps at the same time including the likes of Google Keep in order to keep notes, images and other related files and Google Docs for more complex and larger documents.  Each app has its strengths and weaknesses and is built for different purposes. Fortunately enough, the guys from Google has found a solution to interweave these apps together in order to keep the information flowing between them.

People are now able to copy Keep notes into Google Docs and vice-versa in order to increase productivity and make office work a whole lot easier. The idea behind Google’s decision is that once a project is in the building or brainstorming phase, it is easily transferable on Google Docs for it to be easily completed there.

Web browsers play a crucial part in this project as there are a whole lot of extensions which could be amazing for this feature and will allow apps for mobile devices to gather data extremely easy on Google Keep and transferring it to Google Docs with extreme ease. Professional documents will prove to be a breeze to create and people who enjoy productivity have some amazing tools to work with now.

There is a slight downside however when combining both services together as sending a note will only prove out to create a new document for that single note and people will not be able to create a note from a Docs format. A Google Keep panel will be available in Google Docs when browsing the web which will enable users to make a drag and drop action in order to move documents from side to side. Bits of texts can also be highlighted and the process of right clicking them will present a shortcut where people can create a Google Keep folder off of them.

This feature is extremely useful and amazing as well as convenient for productivity freaks in terms of creating amazing projects with extreme ease as both Google Keep and Google Docs now have options to interact with each other.

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