AMD Ryzen 5 1600X and 1500X Scheduled to Arrive Soon

The Ryzen 7 series went on sale not so long ago and despite this amazing fact we are further surprised by the announcement of their brand new Ryzen 5 series. The guys from AMD are clearly working their hands to the pulp in order to make sure they regain supremacy on their processor market which is currently dominated by Intel.

AMD is looking to make a huge comeback after a long wait of over five years and not only do they seem promising but their brand new Ryzen series seems like a tough competitor to beat. AMD has launched the new Ryzen family a month ago and is considered their top of the line series.

There will also be a middle of the pack Ryzen 5 series and Ryzen 3 for those who are looking to benefit from high quality gaming at a lower budget. The Ryzen 5 seems like the perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts to make judging by the fact that it will be the perfect balance between being affordable and at the same time offering some top of the line performances.

The price range of the brand new Ryze 5 series will be between $200 and $300 and will offer some mid-range performance levels which is pretty much that all we need in order to run games which have been launched the past year at amazing performances. AMD is looking to launch their Ryze 5 lineup somewhere between April and June this year and fans are waiting in delight for a competitor to beat Intel to a pulp on the chip manufacturers’ market.

AMD have confirmed two new chips to rival Intel’s market share, namely the R5 1600X and R5 1500X and they basically stand for a 6 core processor with 12 threads whilst the latter will come with 4 cores and 8 threads. One of the most important advantages of Ryzen chips is that they are very efficient in terms of power consumption and offer some amazing performances taking into account that they clock at 3.6 GHz with the ability of being boosted to a clock speed of 4.0 Ghz.

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