Gamestop to Restock on the Nintendo Switch

The popularity of the new Nintendo Switch is hard to match, since starting with the first day, the console was sold out at physical and digital retailers all around the globe. The second day also came with some serious issues, since it seems that the stocks retailers prepared are not nearly enough for the entire demand all over the globe. However, this wouldn’t be the first situation of this kind, since the same thing happened to Wii and NES Classic Edition as well.

Currently Gamestop is offering a bundle, Nintendo Switch plus Breath of the Wild, plus a pro controller at the price of $454.99. It is a little bit expensive since it includes the guide and the controller, but it is indeed worth it if you’re a true gamer. However, check if it’s still available before you decide to buy, since the demand is huge.

Especially because of this, Gamestop, Toys R Us and Walmart are to receive new units either today or tomorrow. It is indeed an improvement if you think about the fact that for the mini NES Classic Edition we had to wait weeks in a row for another restock. According to some reports, there are some limited locations of the Amazon books that still have the Switch in stock.

There is indeed a natural transition in the course of every major console: it slowly goes from catering to hardcore fans to becoming available to a larger audience, and this can be seen from the number of sales. Either way, in the last years we could see how the industry shifted from a focus on launch events to preorders. As such, most likely people who got their hands on the device first had preordered it since months ago, so there was really no surprise involved.

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  1. “Especially because of this, Gamestop, Toys R Us and Walmart are to receive new units either today or tomorrow.” – Seems like this is a complete rumor. No GS, TRU, or Walmart in the greater 44109 has received or is expected to receive any shipments from the work I’ve done.

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