NVIDIA vs. AMD – War of the Year

PC gaming hardware is on a rise, especially if you look at the fact that last year it gathered $30 billion revenue, which is an increase of almost 22% in comparison with 2015’s data, according to some information provided by Jon Peddie Research. The gaming hardware success was quite a surprise for everybody, since the industry was estimated to remain under the $30 billion value until 2018.

However, NVIDIA and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) took advantage of this ascending trend and increased their sales. Both of them focused on shifting to mid-range and top end graphics cards, together with an increase in the average prices.

In 2016, AMD offered the best GPUs for the gaming world who was on a budget. Their cards performed excellently, which triggered a market share increase. Jon Peddie Research shows that AMD enjoyed a 29.5% increase on the discrete GPU market, leaving the rest to NVIDIA. Definitely this year will mark another stage in the two companies’ development and in their rivalry.

After having such a huge success with the mid-range GPU products, now they are chasing the high-end range too. Their next product will be the Vega, a successor for Polaris, and it will be released in the second quarter of this year. With this, they are trying to undermine the success NVIDIA has with the GTX 1080.

The Vega GPUs will have more power and a competitive price for the NVIDIA offer. Moreover, AMD will include the Instinct series of accelerators to the Vega products in their quest to overcome their rivals. According to some leaked benchmarks, the MI8 and the MI25 GPU accelerators will be what makes the difference between Vega and NVIDIA Titan X. Rumor has it that the Instinct MI25 will have a double speed as the NVIDIA Pascal X.


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